Looking For Reverse Mortgages In SC, NC, GA?

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Franklin Funding Reverse Mortgages is a licensed FHA mortgage banking firm specializing in reverse mortgages for senior homeowners in SC, NC, GA.

Proudly Specializing in Reverse Mortgages Since 1999

Headquartered in Charleston, SC, our local reverse mortgage specialists are licensed to assist in all of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.  We have been helping individuals, families and their trusted advisors understand how reverse mortgages fit into the overall retirement plan since 1999.

Consultative Approach…Focusing On Solutions Rather Than Products

The principals at Franklin Funding Reverse Mortgages were among the first in South Carolina to offer this retirement tool which allows individuals 62 and older to tap a portion of their home equity with no monthly payments, change of ownership or selling of the home.

Privacy is very important at Franklin Funding

Because finances are often a complicated and emotional issue and reverse mortgages aren’t for everyone, we take special care to act ethically and provide a personal touch with clients.

Involved in our Community

In order to give back to the community and have a greater understanding of this population’s unique needs, we are very active in the senior services community, helping found several nonprofit organizations and serving in advisory roles for and as members of numerous professional groups.

Use Your House To Stay At Home…And Live The Life You Want!

Whether you are a senior, family member, or friend located in SC, NC, or GA seeking answers to questions about a reverse mortgage please contact us for a no obligation quote.

We are happy to be of assistance.

Paul and Barbara Franklin
Certified Financial Planner™ Certificant
Registered Financial Gerontologist™




"Franklin Funding was very prompt, efficient, and easy to work with."
- Michael
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